Welcome to the Harvard Club of Southern Arizona!  

If you live (or winter) in the greater Tucson area please consider joining the HCSAZ, which is part of the Worldwide Harvard Club structure. Our members include a broad range of alumni and alumnae from Harvard/Radcliffe College and Harvard’s graduate schools of Law, Business, Medicine, Architecture, Divinity, and the Kennedy School, as well as those who studied at any other Harvard program.


Monthly book discussions with a Harvard accent

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HCSAZ Luncheon Schedule for 2019-2020


1.    October:17 2019 Gina Compitello, Center for Photography (Nominated by John Williams)


2.    November 21, 2019 - Takeshi Inomata, Mayan Archeology (Nominated by Jody Williams)


3.    January 16, 2020 - Beethoven Retrospective - Speaker: James Reel (Nominated by George Timson)


4.    February-March April: not firmed up as to dates but selections in the making


5.    Chris Jones, Prof. History, ASU, "Teaching to the Camera" - 

Distance Learning/Remote Teaching in a campus setting. How it Works

(Nominated by Sheila Tobias and George Timson)


6.    Elizabeth Bernays, Entomologist, Naturalist, and Author of Six Legs Walking 

(Nominated by Jim Leidich)


7.    Remaining April - no nominee, Maybe something on -Breaking News Presidential Nominee(s)